Global audio streaming subscription service Spotify has surprised their audiences with an outdoor advertising campaign that is more creative than what the billboards viewers could take, summing up the music of 2019 by filtering all their playlists to come up with fun facts about them, using the famous marketing and advertising technic, the humor appeal.  


From their DOOH in NY for Amr Diab to the billboards of Cairo, the worldwide mobile app is keeping up with the OOH scene well, bringing us a recap of the 2019’s music in an extremely innovative way, explaining the funny situations they found out while searching their playlists, for example, “In 2019, the Song Bad Guy was in a 38 different playlists called good guy”, commenting on the situation by saying “Well, pick a side”. Another visual has Taylor Swift on it and an ad copy that says “The song You Need to Calm Down was played over 258,852,631 times”, sarcastically replying to this fact with “Why about turning to yoga?”, also featuring underground band Sharmoofers, stating “Sharmoofer’s top listened month was March”, adding “Maybe that’s because easy mama zamba lejy?” which is a lyric writing technique called scatting that Sharmoofers have been using in their music. The mobile app did not forget Al Hadaba Amr Diab with two different visuals starring him, commenting on his song “Yom El Tlat” which translates to “Tuesday”, “Yom El Talat song was mostly played on a Sunday”, adding one more visual “The states of love in 2019 goes like Bayen Habeit, Bahebo, Mtghayar, Ma’adarsh Al Nesian”. The bottom side of each visual has a call-to-action, asking their customers to “Listen to the best songs in 2019 for free”.  


The campaign appeared on the roads during the first week of December, using uni-poles, mega-signs, billboards and double-decker poles in many locations across Greater Cairo.


Spotify’s creative OOH campaign sums up a year of great music-00
Spotify’s creative OOH campaign sums up a year of great music-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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