Following their black Friday hero OOH campaign, ValU has launched a new outdoor advertising campaign to advertise their new online gift-giving service ToU in order for you to send an electronic card to whom you love, allowing them to buy whatever they like.

Storytelling is story selling and ValU seems to be one of those companies that know how to tell a story through one of the most powerful channel of them all; the OOH media. Abiding by the rules of using an acceptable amount of ad copy so it could reach the right duration to be read by car passengers on the road, the story starts with "Hady” a young man that his Arabic name literally means “Gift-giving” blinding him with the product to explain their offer via him. The story goes like this “Hady has just sent you ToU, the most powerful E-gift card in Egypt”, this offer is “From valU”, it does not end here “Hady’s fiancée bought the gift she wanted with his sent gift card”, would He stop there? No, also “Hady’s grandma has bought the gift she wanted with the gift card he sent”, adding this campaign’s slogan to each visual “Hady as you like”. Worthy to be mentioned that valU’s OOH distribution strategy made sure each billboard of Hady has the rest of the story in opposition to it, to tell the rest of the story. Other visuals promote the offer directly with an ad copy that illustrates more about it “The most powerful electronic gift card in Egypt that can be used in more than 2500 place” and a call-to-action that says “Download vaLU now”.

The campaign was released during the first week of December, using billboards, double-decker poles and uni-poles in many locations across Greater Cairo.

ValU turns to storytelling on their OOH campaign to promote ToU-00
ValU turns to storytelling on their OOH campaign to promote ToU-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Banking

Brand: ValU

Advertiser: EFG Hermes

OOH Size: Billboard | Double-decker Pole | Gate | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Special Offer | To-U

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