The month of June has brought a variety of themes and outdoor strategies that have kept us busy as well as entertained. With an overall occupancy of just over 80%, Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr have been prominent throughout the month, with the initial releases of summer starting to appear and compete for viewers’ attention.

The first product launch came from mobile manufacturer OPPO, who kicked off the month with the unveiling of their brand-new model F3. Their outdoor campaign showcased a variety of powerful strategies with Branding zones, mock-ups and special die-cuts that gained the brand status and visibility, as well as an eminent spot in our Creative Concept section.

Notwithstanding, the new “it” in June has been the Home Appliances industry. Unionaire has hit second place of our Top 20after extending their campaign from May to almost 100 ads – maximum reach for a local brand with a strong reputation. El Araby has also taken the stage with an ironic campaign for Sharp new Air Conditioners, and although they widening the Sharp campaign and even launched a Branding campaign at the end of the month, they were not able to narrow the gap with Unionaire.

Real Estate  remained at the top of the OOH landscape, but went down again for the  second month in a row. Some brands launched special campaigns for  Ramadan, like SARAIwho delivered good wishes for the Holy month, or Emaar who promoted their Ramadan tent at their flagship Golf Clubhouse in Uptown Cairo to celebrate Iftar and Suhoor.

Some brands chose to focus on summer. Such was the case of Citystars, who has chosen Neymar Jr as brand ambassador for their recently-released project in Al Sahel, and Maxim, who promoted their Bo projects in Sidi Abdelrahman Bay with Bohemian style and persuasive slogans.

Al Burouj, on the other hand, replaced messages but kept their conceptual line with a massive campaign that pushed the brand to rank number 3 in our Top 20, while Mountain View announced the replica of their iCity project in October City.

Communication providers have taken no rest this month. Emirati telecom Etisalat  has launched up to four campaigns – a variety of initiatives that has  kept the brand in the spotlight week after week. Similarly, Orangehas combined their Ramadan campaign with the new Tariffs plan structure that they launched in May.

BroadcastMedia certainly cooled down after the massive Ramadan campaigns of the previous month, though ON TV kept it up and ranked #1 in our Top 20. Their campaign for new ON Drama channel was extended with some special die-cuts as well as a mock-up in Lebanon Square.

We have witnessed slight fluctuations in other major industries, mostly Banking, Shopping Malls, and Ceramics & Sanitary Ware, but the most active player has undoubtedly been the Food & Beverages sector, with bakeries and restaurants dominating not only Ramadan, but also Eid al-Fitr.

Likewise, Entertainment has taken a prominent place during the second half of the month, with several movies being released just in time for the Eid holiday.

The biggest surprise of the month, however, has not come from any Ramadan campaign, but from the Steel Manufacturing industry! Three major companies have engaged in an exciting race that has certainly stunned viewers with creative concepts and superstar ambassadors.

June  has definitely been a fascinating month. Stay tuned to see what the  summer heat brings us in July and August. And don’t forget to sign up to  our newsletter to receive all the insights and news of the OOH  campaigns directly in your inbox.

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