Breaking some of the outdated norms and traditions in the Egyptian's minds are always translated in the market as proof of moving forward and the Egyptian marital life has its own sanctity where discussing enhancing, and even acknowledge it is a taboo. E-Commerce start-up is here to break those taboos by selling lingerie as well as adult intimate toys on an outdoor advertising campaign. 

Developing more exciting intercourse for both men and women; which is translated to “Spoil me” has wisely stuck to a 2D graphic image that suits the nature of the conservative OOH market, portraying a young lady that has an exciting look on her face. In this case, they did not need much of an ad copy in order to tease people to search and take a look through their well-placed contact information; Facebook page and phone number.

The campaign started to grab viewers’ attention during the third week of November, using mega-signs, billboards and uni-poles in many locations across Greater Cairo. is here to make your marital life more exciting-00 is here to make your marital life more exciting-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: E-Commerce



OOH Size: Billboard | Gate | Mega-Sign | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: New Advertiser

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