The outdoor advertising market is thriving to breathe again after nearly four months of dropping deep down with a few numbers of new campaigns and a decrease in the total number of campaign with less occupied spots and more of the available one across Greater Cairo.

The last few months; May, June, July, August and September have been facing a noticeable decline in the numbers of the total campaigns, new ones and  the running’s but October is indicating that the market is rising again with 230 total campaigns, 156 running campaigns and 74 new ones which are amazing in comparison to the market insights of October 2018. The real estate industry rose by 2% for this month, back-to-back to the Communication industry as well.

Every month that passes by; we track, monitor and analyze all the outdoor advertising campaigns to reveal all the new changes around, whether it’s a new brand, an inspiring advertiser or an innovative campaign.  Now you can check our infographic to know the business category marketshare of all the industries out there and the Top 20 campaigns ranking!

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Industry: Marketing & Advertising


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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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