The newest division of Ibn Hayan Health Group has released its first awareness outdoor advertising campaign to promote the services of its fully-fledged Egyptian customer-centric laboratory Acculab on the billboards of Cairo.

Acculab is spreading knowledge about being “The first laboratory to hold the JCI certificate in Egypt” as mentioned in their ad copy; the Joint Commission International (JCI) is the world’s largest healthcare accreditor that guarantees for the patients the highest quality and accuracy when it comes to the tests' results. As for the visuals, it captures moments that reflect their services such as “Premarital checkups”, “Pregnancy checkups”, “Newborn screening tests”, “Children’s screening tests”, in addition to “AccuHome” for home visits. Other visuals have the lab’s tagline “We care accurately”, ensuring that they are "#دايمًامعاك" which translates to “#AlwaysWithYou”. The bottom space has its hotline as a call-to-action to the billboards viewers.

The campaign surfaced during the first week of November and can be seen on uni-poles in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

[AD] Acculab - Since its establishment in 2011, Egypt’s first JCI accredited lab, Acculab located in Sheikh Zayed City is a subdivision of Ibn Hayan Health Group. Acculab has been walking the extra mile not only with the day-to-day laboratory needs such as premarital checkups, pregnancy checkups, newborn screening tests and AccuHome but also with providing a more evolving lab technology and a satisfying patient journey with AccuVein to detect the patient’s veins easily, a kids specialized services to take care of the little one's health, AccuBuzzy, an innovative service that numbs the veins to provide a pain-free experience for patients with needles phobia and last but not least AccuMeter, a service developed for newborns at home to detect high bilirubin and total serum bilirubin using light instead of needles. Acculab is also adding one of a kind service called AccuPackages, symptoms-based tests that allow the patient to detect what is wrong with their health by listening to their body.

Visit the website for more inquires;

Acculab carefully takes care of you on Cairo’s billboards-00
Acculab carefully takes care of you on Cairo’s billboards-00

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Industry: Medical Laboratory

Brand: Acculab

Advertiser: Ibn Hayan Health Group

OOH Size: Flag | Lightbox | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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