Since his very first album “Ya Tareeq” in 1983, the Egyptian superstar Amr Diab has been climbing the walls of success with dedication, constant work, tremendous efforts and a backbone of a huge team behind this legend, this success did not happen in a day or two, it took him years of building up to not only his music but also his reputation and position in the entertainment industry. This success stretched out to the advertising field, especially the OOH with each brand fighting to make El Hadaba their brand ambassador, not to add value to him but for the opposite reason actually!

The past few months have witnessed a huge OOH exposure for the megastar's face on multiple national and international brands such as McDonald’s, Pepsi and Vodafone and the buzz continues to flash. Yesterday marked the day when Amr Diab’s face appeared as the first Arabian artist to pop up on the billboards of the god of the OOH market, New York’s Times Square; the number one commercial intersection, tourists’ attraction point and huge entertainment center as a result of his paid partnership with Spotify; global audio streaming subscription, announcing “#ThisIsAmrDiab”; A playlist by Spotify. The billboards of New York reflected the star’s album cover “Ana Gheir” with an ad copy that says “This is Amr Diab” and “Amr Diab” written vertically with Spotify’s brand identity filling the visuals.

Whether it’s the Times Square billboards, MENA’s or the Egyptian ones; they are all honored to hold the name and face of such a star, proving that growing older can be equal to prosper more, giving more and engaging more.

Spotify crowns +30 years of success in Times Square #ThisIsAmrDiab-00
Spotify crowns +30 years of success in Times Square #ThisIsAmrDiab-00

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