Following their latest OOH campaign, Telecom Egypt’s WE goes on with their active out-of-home strategy, this time launching a promotional outdoor advertising campaign to announce “Agda3 Kart”.

The creative promotional campaign is displayed on a black school board and the offer explained on a graph with the ad copy that says “Your recharge … Valid for 5 days” on the X axis, while the Y axis contains the numbers from “0-5” and under the graph lies “With no limits” and "X30" to elaborate the benefits you will get from the promotion. The left side has the promotion’s special logo while the right side has this memo; “Discount vouchers up to 50%”.

The campaign appeared during the last week of October and can be seen on uni-poles and billboards on prime locations across Greater Cairo.

WE announces “Agda3 Kart” with a promotional outdoor campaign-00
WE announces “Agda3 Kart” with a promotional outdoor campaign-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Communication

Brand: WE

Advertiser: TE (Telecom Egypt)

OOH Size: Billboard | Gate | Uni-Pole | Double-decker Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Agda3 Kart | Special Promotion

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