As they promised that the game is about to change on their latest teaser outdoor advertising campaign, and after revealing their identity to announce that the “change” mentioned in the teaser is going to happen in the real estate industry; Cornerstone Development has launched a branding OOH campaign to introduce themselves to the out-of-home market through the billboards of Cairo, insisting on being a “Game changer”.

When a new advertiser is out to the market with their very first campaign, they have to throw a hook to grab viewers’ attention, and that’s exactly what happened with the teaser campaign that can be attached easily to their reveal, keeping their identity, copy and nature wisely to maintain that connection of the teaser. Being “The heart of the local and the mind of the global” as mentioned in their ad copy, the developer is intending to be a “Game changer” that reshapes all our thoughts about the real estate projects because “Home is more than just a roof over our heads”. As for the visuals, it is complementing the ad copy, promoting the culture and lifestyle you will find at their projects, portraying a girl sitting on hammock swing, another young lady that seems to be wearing Greek costume and standing in front of an old unique door, in addition to a group of people letting go of a flying lantern and an ad copy that says “An invitation of belonging to a bigger culture”. Other visuals have a similar template design to those of the reveal campaign with new ad copies.

The campaign started to pop up during the first week of October, using uni-poles, double-decker poles and billboards in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Cornerstone Development is changing the OOH landscape-00
Cornerstone Development is changing the OOH landscape-00

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