The Egyptian governmental utilities have spared no effort when it comes to raising awareness towards different public issues that concern the Egyptian people; launching a huge number of awareness outdoor advertising campaign such as be like Adam, 100 Million Healthy Lives OOH campaigns series, Total and Careem raising awareness in an outdoor campaign about road safety and much of other social initiatives that shows how Egypt is moving forward, this time The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood has launched a new out-of-home campaign to shed more light on children’s abuse, spreading the word that the solution is “Calm Not Harm”.

The billboards of Greater Cairo is narrating stories of the wrong VS right scenarios of how to raise your children; one of the visuals has a girl being shouted at by her dad and an ad copy that explains “No matter how they missed up, you can’t fight fire with fire, you can’t hit, humiliate or yell at your kid”. Another visual that shows the billboards viewers the right scenario has the same family, sitting in happiness and an ad copy that elaborates “Raising our kids is not a piece of cake, they are growing with their needs changing and we also need to change”. The upper right of each visual has the logo of “ولادنا” which translates to “Our kids”, while the bottom side has the initiatives official hashtag “بالهداوة_مش_بالقساوة” which translates to “Calm_Not_Harm”. The bottom space has the logos of the advertiser of the Campaign NCCM, sponsored by UNICEF Egypt as their sponsor, the European Union (EU) as the campaign funder and finally in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.

The campaign popped during the fourth week of October, using uni-poles, mega-signs and double-decker poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

“Calm Not Harm”, a social initiative againist child abuse by NCCM-00
“Calm Not Harm”, a social initiative againist child abuse by NCCM-00

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