Egyptian medical laboratory Royal Lab has launched a new branding outdoor advertising campaign to reinforce its services and credibility with “Dependable results”.

With their branded navy blue color, the laboratory is using live shots from the inside of their workplace to show you the doctors, quality of the laboratory and the service itself. The left side has the laboratory’s logo and the bottom side has a hotline and the slogan “Dependable results” encouraging you to count on them.

The campaign started to pop up during the first week of October, using uni-poles and billboards in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Royal Lab offers “Dependable results” on an outdoor campaign-00
Royal Lab offers “Dependable results” on an outdoor campaign-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Medical Laboratory

Brand: Royal Lab

Advertiser: Royal Lab

OOH Size: Billboard | Flag | Gate | T-pole | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: MENA

Tags: Branding Campaign

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