Home appliances company Electrostar has released a new outdoor advertising campaign to reinforce its brand positioning with a celebrity branding marketing tactic, featuring singer, actress and mom Heba Magdi to be their brand ambassador.

The visuals use a shade of orange, blue and green to be the background of the campaign that features the Egyptian artist Heba Magdi with an ad copy that says “الكتروستار ..  البيت بيتغير وأنتي كمان" which translates to “Elecrostar .. Home is changing and so do you” and the star sitting next to different home electronics such as refrigerators and heaters. The bottom side has the brand’s social media accounts, hotline and website URL as a call-to-action for any further information needed.

Using mega-signs, billboards and triple uni-poles, the campaign started to spread during the fourth week of October in many locations across Greater Cairo.

Electrostar launches an outdoor campaign featuring Heba Magdi-00
Electrostar launches an outdoor campaign featuring Heba Magdi-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Home Appliances

Brand: Electrostar

Advertiser: Electrostar

OOH Size: Billboard | Mega-Sign | Triple Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Brand Ambassador | Heba Magdi

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