The news service provided by Al Arabia Network; Al Hadath is announcing the joining of one of Egypt’s most famous TV presenters Lamees El Hadidi on their service with a new program Cairo Now with an awareness outdoor campaign.

The network is using its news network’s branding guidelines when it comes to the colors and tones of the visual, even matching the TV anchor’s cloth with it which creates a billboard harmony that can’t be denied. As for the ad copy, it releases the date and time of her program “Sunday & Monday”, at “9 PM”, while the bottom space has the TV program’s social media accounts as a CTA for the viewers to get to know more about it.

The campaign popped up during the third week of October, using double-decker poles, uni-poles, mega-signs and billboards on multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Al Hadath presents "Cairo Now" with Lamees El Hadidi-00
Al Hadath presents "Cairo Now" with Lamees El Hadidi-00

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