As we were all informed that the “Construction has started” on their previous outdoor advertising campaign, real estate developer Palm Hills Developments carries on with their on fire OOH strategy to give you more information about their upcoming project Badya in 6th of October.

Palm Hills Developments is using facts and numbers to prove that Badya has the best destination ever, “50 mins away from the New Capital”, “30 mins away from the Sphinx International Airport” and “20 mins away from the Grand Egyptian Museum”, as mentioned in their ad copy. As for the visuals, it fit the idea of “The creative city” as they are calling themselves, portraying each destination such as the ancient Egyptians drawings, a bird-eye shot of the Sphinx International Airport and a road map for the New Capital.

The campaign surfaced during the third week of October and can be seen on uni-poles, billboards and double-decker poles in many locations across Greater Cairo.

Proved with numbers, Badya is “In the middle of everywhere”-00
Proved with numbers, Badya is “In the middle of everywhere”-00

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