After thrilling new users with discounts during August with an OOH campaign, leading foodservice mobile app Otlob renews their messages on the billboards of Cairo, Egypt with an ongoing OOH strategy. Announcing with a promotional outdoor campaign new offers and discounts to its users from different restaurants.

The brand has maintained their usual visuals to protect their brand identity on the roads of Cairo; by using in the ad their branded bright yellow color in the background to be the showcase of the variety of delicious meals that they have brought to the viewers from different QSRs such as Papa John’s, Buffalo Burger and much more. The ad copy focuses on highlighting the meal’s components and their discounts, as well as a CTA that encourages people to “Order.. Save.. Eat”.

Spotted during the first week of October, the campaign uses uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega signs in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Otlob’s outdoor campaign encourages to “Order.. Save.. Eat”-00
Otlob’s outdoor campaign encourages to “Order.. Save.. Eat”-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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