After launching an anniversary campaign last month, Manfoods is still celebrating 25 years of joy and love with one of its leading signed brands McDonald’s with an ongoing OOH strategy. Now they appeared with another outdoor campaign to bring their clients more surprises with two different marketing approaches. First, a transactional marketing strategy to promote their daily discounts; second, event marketing tactic to announce the date of the mega-star Amr Diab’s concert to celebrate McDonald’s birthday.

The leading food chain has been spreading happiness in the hearts of kids and adults since it was launched in Egypt; McDonald’s has decided to celebrate its birthday in a very special way and give back to its loyal customers. Using in the visuals their branded yellow color in the background to be the showcase for the Egyptian mega-star Amr Diab; and an ad copy that appears right on top announcing “McDonald’s birthday party – 1/11/2019”. Additional visuals are seen with the same branded background, featuring different sandwiches with a copy that announces “In our 25th birthday, there is a 25% discount everyday on an item”; this campaign’s slogan can be seen on both ads at the bottom space “25 years loving it .. 25 years loving you”.

The campaign was launched during the first week of October, using uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega signs in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Cairo’s billboards celebrate McDonald’s 25th birthday with Amr Diab-00
Cairo’s billboards celebrate McDonald’s 25th birthday with Amr Diab-00

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