Coming back to the outdoor advertising market of Cairo, Egypt; Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) has returned with a new promotional OOH campaign to advertise their 3 years floating certificate, after a year since their last campaign.

Increasing their ROI; ABK is using promotional marketing to attract potential clients and promote more services for their current ones. With a white background, the logo of the bank is placed in a huge font, another visual shows the details of the promotion, explaining that you can “Enjoy competitive annual interest rate with ABK-Egypt's 3 years floating certificate of deposit in EGP”, adding their current interest rate under the spotlight. The bottom space has their hotline and website URL as a CTA to the billboards viewers.

The campaign appeared during the first week of October, using double-decker poles and uni-poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

ABK-Egypt fills Cairo’s billboards with their “Competitive interest rate”-00
ABK-Egypt fills Cairo’s billboards with their “Competitive interest rate”-00

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