As we monitored, tracked and analyzed September’s outdoor campaigns, we couldn’t help but notice that the occupancy of Cairo’s billboards is going down each month with the seasonal changes. After analyzing the market’s behavior, the occupancy has dropped once again from 67% to 64%, leaving 36% available locations. In comparison to August’s market insights, vacation projects are starting to fade away slowly, giving the chance the different projects and industries to shine this month. This has led to a drop in the running campaigns from 170 to 153 and the rise of the new campaigns from 65 to 66.

With the decrease of the running campaigns that dominated the previous months’ our top 20 campaigns; other brands have taken over their places, presenting to us 11 new campaigns in our monthly top 20 campaigns.

The real estate industry occupancy has increased by 2% since last month and it is still conquering more than the quarter of the market-share. And regarding other industries, their market occupation percentage was barely noticed in comparison to the previous month.

Now you have the chance to check our monthly top 20 campaigns for September and see the ranking of the big names and campaigns in the previous month.

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Industry: Marketing & Advertising


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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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