South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung brings back their Samsung TVs after appearing with an OOH campaign during June. Now, the brand has launched an anniversary outdoor campaign to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Samsung TV factory in Egypt.

As the brand is celebrating the TV factory’s 6th year in Egypt, they shifted their familiar bright colors to an Ancient Egyptian theme only for this special event. The visuals feature Samsung’s QLED 8K TV and the iconic gold death mask of Tutankhamun is displayed right in the center of the TV; as for the ad copy, it announces to viewers “Proudly, Egypt’s Samsung factory manufactures the latest TV technology in the world”, it also refers to the QLED 8K TV as the “Perfect reality”. On the other side, another copy is spotted, celebrating “Samsung TV factory 6th anniversary”; and the bottom space is reserved for their hotline as a CTA to viewers for more information.

The campaign was launched during the first week of October, using uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega signs in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Samsung TV’s factory celebrates 6 years in Egypt-00
Samsung TV’s factory celebrates 6 years in Egypt-00

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