Real estate developer Khozam Developments, known as "Khozam Development" in the past and one of Khozam Group’s brands delivers on its promise that they made on their latest teaser outdoor advertising campaign, revealing the first compound in Heliopolis, now the dream is becoming true with Go Heliopolis.

Taking their first steps in the real estate industry, Khozam introduces their first mixed-use project Go Heliopolis, as a call-to-action for all viewers to get back and live in this beloved neighborhood. The visuals have the same design style they are embracing; a black background and the developer’s logo displayed in a huge font. Another visual has a 3D shot from their project, adding the same ad copy “The first compound in Heliopolis” in English language this time, unlike their teaser campaign that had an all-Arabic ad copy. The left side has the project’s payment plan, while the bottom side has the advertiser’s hotline and website URL.

The campaign was revealed during the first week of October, using a combination of billboards, mega-signs, double-decker poles, uni-poles and mega-signs in many locations across Greater Cairo.

Khozam Developments reveals Go Heliopolis on an OOH campaign-00
Khozam Developments reveals Go Heliopolis on an OOH campaign-00

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