Real estate developer ASDC brings back Somabay their ultimate Red Sea resort to the roads of Cairo with an outdoor advertising campaign; to promote its unique spots that will most definitely steal your breath away, repeating their previous campaign’s ad copy “No caption needed.”

That special peninsula was built to be the ultimate destination on the coast of the Red Sea; the visuals are keen to show the natural beauty of the place, which can easily grab your attention on the roads. As for the ad copy, it simply introduces and promotes what is displayed on the ad such as “Somabay sunset”, “Cascade golf course”, “Bay central view” and “Wadi Jebal lodges”, each copy is followed with the repeated message “No caption needed.” The bottom space is reserved for the advertiser’s logo and website URL for further information.

The campaign popped on the roads during the last week of September, using serials of uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega signs in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Somabay repeats “No caption needed.” one more time-00
Somabay repeats “No caption needed.” one more time-00

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