Prime and leading real estate developer Landmark Sabbour has finally returned to the billboards of Cairo with a huge media plan to reinforce their position in the market with a new branding OOH campaign.

Known for creating luxurious lifestyles around the world not just in Egypt and also putting their clients’ needs before anything else; Landmark Sabbour is back to remind viewers who they were and who they are now. The visuals use a black background that reflects exclusivity and elegance, with buildings displayed at the bottom space; and regarding the ad copy, it reminds viewers “From locations to landmarks”. Parallel to it, another visual that uses a black background as well with the logo of the advertiser and right under it appears all the locations and destinations of Landmark Sabbour’s projects “Egypt – Dubai – Barcelona – Mykonos”. Their website URL is shown at the bottom space.

Starting in the first week of October, the massive campaign is seen on uni-poles, double-decker poles, mega-signs, billboards and butterfly double-decker poles in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Landmark Sabbour strikes with a branding outdoor campaign-00
Landmark Sabbour strikes with a branding outdoor campaign-00

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