The reveal OOH campaign from Samsung Mobile Egypt has finally arrived and viewers can now discover the latest smartphone in the series of Galaxy models, as well as the two brand ambassadors for the occasion.
With a variety of TV commercials as well as Social Media campaigns, the new Galaxy J Pro can now be seen in the hands of comedy actor Akram Hosny and rising star Mai Omar. Showcasing the varied improved features of the model – such as full HD viewing technology, good quality selfie camera, or long-lasting battery life –, the ads portray the stars holding samples of the new smartphone in a casual way that matches the humorous tone of the other media.
Following the contest that was introduced in the teaser campaign from the first half of the month, the new ads replace the previous messages in the same locations and extends to additional sites. Large and X-Large uni-poles, Gates, Lightboxes, and Double-deckers can be seen across the Greater Cairo.

Samsung finally reveals Galaxy model and brand ambassadors-00
Samsung finally reveals Galaxy model and brand ambassadors-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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