After introducing the V-Class and the CLA with an OOH campaign in August, global German automobile marque Mercedes-Benz has upgraded their ongoing outdoor advertising campaign to introduce the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class to the Egyptian market.

The brand did not just focus on the Mercedes-Benz user experience, it also made sure to bring you a car that understands you more than ever. The visuals introduce the car model with an urban background, showing the athletic contours that are added to the traditional style of the A-Class, the clear lines of the exterior design reflect perfectly the car’s elegant sportiness and exciting design. As for the ad copy, it introduces to viewers “The new A-Class Saloon”; as well as building a relationship between the brand and the viewers with “Just like you”, and finally dropping their hotline for further information.

Spotted during the second week of September, the campaign was upgraded on uni-poles in selected locations across Greater Cairo.

Mercedes-Benz brings you a car that is “Just like you”-00
Mercedes-Benz brings you a car that is “Just like you”-00

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