The Swiss international food & beverages conglomerate Nestlé has been present on the billboards of Cairo for more than 4 months now; protecting its brand positioning in the market and advertising its different signed brands. Now bringing back their best-selling confectionery bites KitKat on a new outdoor campaign; to reinforce the multi flavors that they recently added and announced with a previous OOH campaign.

Taking deliciousness to a whole new level with different flavors; the displayed visuals use KitKat’s branded red color in the background to be the showcase of the four flavors with their special packaging; reintroducing the “Raspberry blast”, “Cookie crumble”, “Caramel crisp” and finally “Hazelnut crunch”. As for the ad copy, it encourages viewers with this product lines’ slogan once more to “Have an extra-ordinary break”, along with the brand’s tagline “Have a break, have a KitKat”.

The huge campaign was spotted during the second week of September, on serials of uni-poles, mega-signs and billboards in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

KitKat reinforces their “Extra-ordinary” confectionery bites-00
KitKat reinforces their “Extra-ordinary” confectionery bites-00

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