After revealing their teaser campaign to introduce their rebranded identity on an outdoor advertising campaign in April, Banque Du Caire hits the billboards of Cairo, Egypt once again with an OOH campaign to offer three special prizes for the current account.

The Egyptian bank uses promotional marketing strategy to boost their return on investment (ROI) with a public draw for “The biggest prize of 1 million Egyptian pounds for each winner in the current account’s draw at the end of the campaign” according to the ad copy and above it we find “3 winners” in a big font. The visuals use the asphalt as their background, offering “3 prizes from Banque Du Caire” with the “3,000,000” standing on the road in a huge red font. The bottom space has the bank’s logo, hotline and website URL as a CTA for the billboards viewers.

Using uni-poles and double-decker poles, the campaign popped up during the second week of September in different locations across Greater Cairo. 

3 winners will get 1M pounds each with Banque Du Caire-00
3 winners will get 1M pounds each with Banque Du Caire-00

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