Following their Cairo Kids & Mothers OOH campaign in August, event organizer and planner Pyramids International Group has upgraded their messages on the billboards of Cairo, Egypt to announce and advertise the 65th edition of their upcoming exhibition Cairo Fashion & Tex with an outdoor campaign using B2B marketing strategy.

The visuals use the mustard color in the background to be the showcase of a male and a female models wearing trendy clothes; the hero of the ad is the copy which has lots of announcements to viewers, reintroducing the exhibition “Cairo Fashion & Tex”, written in both Arabic and English, saying that it is “Défilé creation”, along with the fact that the exhibition is for “Traders only”, and finally dropping the dates and location which are “From the 10th to the 12th of October – in Egypt International Exhibition Center in 5th Settlement”. As for the bottom space, it is reserved for the sponsors and supporters of the event such as Cottonil, AMS, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Modelage, Matager and The Chamber of Apparel & Home Textile; parallel to them, their social media accounts appear with a number to dial for more information.

The campaign surfaced on the billboard during the second week of September, using uni-poles, billboards and flags in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

It is finally the time for Cairo Fashion & Tex exhibition-00
It is finally the time for Cairo Fashion & Tex exhibition-00

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