Orange Egypt continues to spread its generosity with lots of OOH promotional campaigns on the roads of Cairo, Egypt to make sure every customer is satisfied, this time using singer Ahmed Shebaa as their brand ambassador, following their outdoor campaign for El King Package. 

Orange's target segmentation perfectly matches their ambassador and ad copy. The visuals of “3ard El Ged3an” feature singer Ahmed Shebaa and his squad around him having the time of their life in what seems to be a circus. The ad copy states the name of the offer, adding a number to call in order to subscribe, elaborating more, “Everything you use will come back to you”, “In addition to X30 the credit” and a hashtag that says “#A_Huge_Difference” written in Arabic. 

The campaign surfaced during the first week of September, using uni-poles and mega-signs in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Orange introduces “3ard el ged3an” with Ahmed Shebaa-00
Orange introduces “3ard el ged3an” with Ahmed Shebaa-00

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