For the third month in a row and after tracking, monitoring and analyzing the outdoor advertising market, it appears that the market is collapsing with a huge drop down compared with  last August’s Market Insights, where the market occupancy had reached 75% back then, however, this August the occupancy of the billboards of Cairo reached only 67% which leaves 33% available, leading us to 65 new campaigns and 170 running ones. Worthy to be mentioned, August’s Market Insights is nearly the same as both the insights of July’s and June’s.

This drop is due to the increase in the outdoor advertising prices and new locations popping on the roads every month which led to the new strategies developed by the OOH agencies in Egypt. Most advertisers now minimize the number of the ad faces used in their campaigns which is reflected on the number of ad faces of each campaign displayed in the infographic. Only one brand exceeded 100 ad faces, unlike the huge numbers we expect in the OOH market. This point will be elaborated, explained and discussed in details in our Experts Talk section during this September.

Digging deeper in August’s insights, certain industries has shinned brighter than others with their seasonal marketing strategy to take advantage of the summertime; real estate, automotive, education and telecommunication are the industries to watch for this August.  

Now you can check our infographic to know the business category marketshare of all the industries out there and the Top 20 campaigns ranking!

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Industry: Marketing & Advertising


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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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