After celebrating the New Year with an outdoor campaign in January, international brand Galaxy has returned to the billboards of Cairo with a new OOH campaign to promote and introduce new flavors for its pocket-size delicious chocolate bars, Galaxy Flutes

The visuals use a blend of the beige color in the backgrounds; featuring the three chocolate packages with the original chocolate milk flavor, in addition to new flavors such as, white chocolate and dark chocolate making the line fits to anyone’s taste. Regarding the ad copy, it addresses girls and women to “Try the 3 kinds”, written in Arabic with huge fonts. 

The campaign was spotted during the first week of September, using uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega signs in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Galaxy Flutes invites you to “Try the 3 kinds”-00
Galaxy Flutes invites you to “Try the 3 kinds”-00

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