Uptown International School (UIS) has filled the billboards of Cairo with their back-to-school outdoor campaign to announce that their admissions start in October 2019 so you can get ready for the opening in September 2020.

Seizing the season to boost their sales by using back-to-school marketing strategy, hoping to increase their ROI; UIS splits the billboards into two different colors, choosing purple as it reflects wisdom and light yellow to bring energy and cheerfulness to welcome the new school year. As for the ad copy, the left side includes the university’s logo, while the right side has all the information you need; elaborating that there is “A new era of education” waiting for you in UIS, “Opening September 2020”, while “Admissions start October 2019”. The bottom space has the school’s website URL and social media accounts as a CTA for the billboards viewers.

The campaign surfaced during the first week of September, using uni-poles and double-decker poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

UIS offers “A new era in education” in 2020-00
UIS offers “A new era in education” in 2020-00

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