The North Coast roads have been giving us some rich OOH buzz during the summertime and due to being the voice of the outdoor community; we have been filling you with the latest fresh campaigns out there, releasing the first edition of the North Coast OOH campaign, followed by the second one to let you know the changes, upgrades and new campaigns, rapping it up with the third and last edition to finish what we started on the roads of Al Sahel.

Real Estate 

Once again Bo Islands upgrades their visuals for the third time, after introducing their brand on our first edition then upgrading the visuals on the 2nd one, this time introducing Bo Sunstone, “The Island of glamour”. Appearing for the first time on the roads of the North Coast side; Cascadia promotes “The new Sa7el destination from Marseilia” on an OOH campaign, brought to you by Marseilia Group, using extremely appealing visuals of a young model in a huge waterfall with a mesmerizing view. Speaking of the visuals of the freshen water; Jefaira is back with a campaign upgrade to introduce Jefaira Seacliff to the people of the North Coast after popping on our last edition of Al Sahel outdoor campaigns. Using a beautiful pastel watercolor to be the showcase of their campaign, La Vista Developments upgrades La Vista Ras El Hekma’s visuals to return after appearing only on our first edition and now on the last one with a hashtag that summarizes their goals in the market “#ELEVATETOGREAT”. As one of our missions is to welcome new advertisers to the OOH community; GV Developments upgrades White Sand’s visuals to add more zodiac signs to the table, this time offering their vacation project  to attract the “Coziness seekers” for “Cancer” zodiac along with “Aquarius” the “Amusement seekers”, you can check your zodiac on the billboards of Al Sahel on our second edition. Spotted on our first edition then being absent on the second one, Landmark Sabbour upgrades Zoya Ghazala Bay’s visuals on the North Coast roads, this time displaying a yellow background, sophisticatedly using lines to create an elegant design with the vacation project’s name and their tagline “Find your balance”. After promoting Lake Yard on our first edition, this time Palm Hills Developments is promoting Hacienda White with different visuals, bringing real shots of the sea view there, one at sunset and another showing the beautiful sunrise.


The entertainment industry always blooms during two certain seasons; the first one is Ramadan with the broadcast media filling the billboards with the upcoming series and TV programs and the second one is the summertime with the new albums and concerts spreading everywhere to announce that the enthusiastic season is here! Nay For Media announces Al Hadaba’s newly released album “Ana Gheir” on an OOH awareness campaign , reflecting youth, fun and entertainment with the awaited album for all Amr Diab’s fans out there.“Fareq Maak” is finally announced on the billboards of Cairo and the North Coast with an outdoor advertising campaign to reveal that it’s Ramy Sabry’s newest album, portraying the singer in a summer floral chemise during a singing moment, brought to us by Nogoum Records. Tamer Hosny is celebrating a career of 15 years as mentioned in our Summer’19 Concerts’ Experts Talk, featuring Gypsi Kings; a group of flamenco, salsa and pop musicians to accompany the star. The concert took place last August in New Alamein at Almasa Hotel and organized by Egypt Calendar with lots of sponsors to support the event and the campaign. Finally, this season has brought lots of surprises to our hearts and ears; one more surprise is the rising star Khaled Mounib, the late Amer Mounib’s nephew who inherited his angelic voice and handsome looks, the album is produced by Mounib Productions, under the name of “Naweely 3la eh?”

Food & Beverages

After recreating their brand identity; Juhayna is introducing their new products with a re-branding campaign, offering 100% natural cow milk with 0% fats in their new re-branded packages, while PepsiCo Egypt’s leading soda brand Miranda is bringing to the billboards their new drink “Miranda Magic” introducing the two new blended flavors watermelon and cantaloupe sliced to give each flavor half of the billboard. As for Schweppes, they are taking a different direction with their steady branding, calmly promoting their existing flavors “Experience since 1783”, using a tropical visual to smooth the air and defeat the heat with a girl’s hand holding a glass of the refreshing beverage.

Other Industries

Now you can “Make your transactions easier with EBE’s E-wallet” because Export Development Bank of Egypt has upgraded their visuals after showing up in our second edition of Al Sahel’s OOH campaigns, announcing that you can “Pay your bills”, “Buy products” and “Transfer money”, adding a hashtag to let you know that “#WE_ARE_HERE”. The summer campaign reflects its nature in the visuals with a mobile phone with the bank’s E-wallet’s application opened and the device standing there on the beach, informing you that you can benefit from all the previous features while vacationing. Finally, your summer won’t be complete until you visit The Club which appeared with an OOH teaser campaign to announce their first branch in the heart of 6th of October City, with an ad copy that says “Ready?”, “But where is the hero” revealing later on an OOH campaign through the roads of Cairo that “The hero is in The Club”, also asking “Ready?” “But where is the feast?” to get the answer on both Cairo and the North Coast roads “The feast is in The Club”, spreading the joy that “Now we have a club”.

Now you have been giving your own personal OOH chronological map, observing, tracking and monitoring every brand’s behaviors, changes and upgrades on the billboards of the North Coast over three different editions and various outdoor campaigns, providing an overview to help you form an intensive vision for the outdoor advertising market in  Al Sahel. This vision will be supported by numbers, facts and analytics in the upcoming North Coast Market Insights to deliver data-driven facts about all the previously mentioned brands’ behavior on the roads of the North Coast, so stay tuned to keep your OOH knowledge up-to-date. This coverage is by Monitoring Out-Of-Home (MOOH), the only OOH media intelligence agency dedicated to monitor, track and analyze the OOH market in Egypt. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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