The summertime is coming to an end and the best closure to it is a glimpse of entertainment. As a result, PepsiCo Egypt has released an OOH co-branding campaign to announce being the official beverage sponsor of El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) 3rd edition for the second time in a row with their re-branded Pepsi can, similar to what they did with their outdoor campaign in 2018.

Digging in sponsorship marketing strategy again for the same event; PepsiCo is narrowing their segmentation to reach targeted niche market, focusing on El Gouna Film Festival enthusiasts. The visuals creatively blend the two brand’s identities to create a new mixed artwork; with a blue background that represents Pepsi, adding a fading round film strip and an ad copy that states “El Gouna Film Festival”, “3rd Edition” to announce that Pepsi is “The official beverage”, while on the left side we find the rebranded can with GFF’s logo on it, in addition to the same ad copy. Another visual shows their new genius creation; a Pepsi cup with an upper part that includes popcorn and a hole for the straw to pass through, where you can both drink Pepsi and eat the popcorn using only one hand to entertain yourself while watching GFF on TV.

The campaign surfaced during the last week of August and can be seen on uni-poles, billboards and mega-signs in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Pepsi sponsors El Gouna Film Festival for the second time-00
Pepsi sponsors El Gouna Film Festival for the second time-00

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