Keeping their promises; Pioneers Real Estate has launched an OOH campaign to announce their residential project’s Stone Residence delivery in New Cairo as mentioned in their latest OOH campaign when they informed everybody that they are almost there and finally Stone Residence is actually here!

Launching an awareness campaign to deliver the happy news to all the people who are waiting for it out there; Pioneers is using transparent text effect in their copy to add creativity and catch people’s attention, saying “We are there 2019”, displayed with the rule of thirds composition with one third for the ad copy and the other two goes to the live shots of the project to add more credibility to it. The bottom space has the brand’s logo and a hotline as a call-to-action for the billboards viewers. One more visual with a black background to reflect exclusivity has the advertiser’s logo in a huge font; “PRE Developments … Powered by Pioneers”.

The campaign popped on the roads during the last week of August with a huge media plan, using billboards, double-decker poles, mega-signs and butterfly Quattro-decker  in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Pioneers goes big in 2019 with Stone Residence-00
Pioneers goes big in 2019 with Stone Residence-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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