Telecom Egypt’s operator WE remains active on the billboards of Cairo with their ongoing outdoor strategy following their latest campaign to introduce their internet bundle Control KIX Tariff, this time promoting their newly launched internet packages for  WE Space and their VDSL router with a promotional OOH campaign, after introducing it on an OOH campaign in July. 

WE is using advertising as one of their marketing’s promotion mix to spread more awareness about their new internet packages with a boost of using familiar faces as their brand ambassadors. The visual’s display their fiber optic cables leaving a blurry effect to the cables to reflect speed, while the ad copy says “Get high-speed VDSL router & enjoy WE space new packages” with only “EGP 5 per month”; written in a big font and next to it lies the router itself. Another visual with new TV child duo Malak Hassan and Yassin Amir with an ad copy informing “Don’t wait … Subscribe to WE Space” elaborating more “Higher speeds, bigger quota and better prices”, adding the same ad copy to another visual with the child duo and their family to prove that the bundles targets every segmentation. One more visual includes rising actress Hager Ahmed who looks comfortable, accomplishing her work easily with WE’s internet.

The campaign was launched during the last week of August and can be seen on uni-poles, mega-sign, billboards and double-decker poles in various locations across Greater Cairo.

“Don’t wait … Subscribe to WE Space” by Telecom Egypt-00
“Don’t wait … Subscribe to WE Space” by Telecom Egypt-00

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