Real estate developer Bunyan Real Estate Investment Company has launched a new OOH awareness campaign to promote their mixed-use project Valore Sheraton Compound with their brand ambassador Eman El Assi.

Choosing the right brand ambassador is an art that not every brand can master; this time Valore did it right, using Eman Al Assy as their representative with her elegant appearance reflecting the brand’s sophistication. The visuals have the actress in a chic outfit and a blurry background with an ad copy that says “Valore is my choice” and under it the star's signature. Another visual elaborates more details with live shots of the residential project, offering “0% down payment” with “Up to 7 years installments”. The bottom space has the logos of the advertiser and Valore Real Estate Investment.

Appearing during the last week of August, the campaign can be seen on uni-poles and double-decker poles in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Valore Sheraton Compound is Eman El Assi’s choice-00
Valore Sheraton Compound is Eman El Assi’s choice-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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