After a long disappearance, the Egyptian singer Moustafa Amar has finally returned with a new album “Dehket Leya”, announcing it with a new OOH campaign. The album is produced by the singer’s production agency Moustafa Amar Productions (MAP) and it is powered by the mobile VAS pioneer in MENA region ARPUPLUS.

Featuring in the visuals the beloved Moustafa Amar, standing confidently with a special effect that covers a part in B&W effect and the other part has a red layer which makes a great contrast with the gray color. The ad copy refers to the singer as “The king of Arab pop” and also mentions the name of the album “Dehket Leya” which translates to “She smiled at me”. We can find the logos of the production house “MAP” as well as the distribution platform “Muzicup” at the bottom space.

The campaign popped up during the third week of August, on uni-poles and billboards in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

The King of Arab Pop has finally dropped an album-00
The King of Arab Pop has finally dropped an album-00

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