Egypt has been facing lots of changes in its culture, accepting things that were not even thinkable before, which is clearly reflected on the OOH market with campaigns that would never have been on the roads 20 years ago. As a result, Et3arraf SAL has launched an outdoor campaign for the matchmaking application that guarantees you a happy marriage.

Having the first look on the app’s brand identity, the billboards announce the arrival of “The smartest matchmaking app” on a gradient blue background and “Farah” written in a big white font. Another visual gets straight to the point with a young lady and a young man stepping out of two mobile phones which perfectly summarizes the idea of the app.  The bottom space reveals that the application is powered by Artificial Intelligence to assure you that both your info and the process are handled by an AI bot. 

The campaign surfaced during the third week of August, using billboards, double-decker poles and uni-poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

You’re one click away from your future partner with Farah App-00
You’re one click away from your future partner with Farah App-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps

Brand: Farah

Advertiser: Et3arraf SAL

OOH Size: Billboard | Double-decker Pole | Uni-Pole | Gate

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: New Advertiser | Product Launch

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