The road to the North Coast is one of the most trafficked roads during summer as people are fleeing the heat in Greater Cairo; to approach more the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. This highway has given advertisers the opportunity to shine more and entertain your ride with their OOH campaigns. The brands that appeared there are aiming to thrive, gain customers, leave a print in passengers’ hearts or spread the word about their projects or products. And to gain the attention of the viewers who are used to see billboards around them all the time; you must go over the top with your design and choice of words. As we promised to keep you covered and updated with the OOH campaigns that you might have missed, we now present to you the second part of the North Coast OOH campaign of 2019, focusing on the campaigns that appeared during the second half of July.

Real Estate

As we all can see, vacation projects are the heroes of summer campaigns; most real estate developers focus on polishing their projects for travelers. Each and every brand tries to approach people with different marketing strategy; there is no doubt that they all used seasonal marketing to take advantage of the summer and try to get closer with viewers by using reverse marketing strategy to play a little mind game and create the illusion of getting the customer to seek out the business and not the other way around. Brands succeed at doing that by giving them a little taste of what they are going to get there by showing their modern units, calming sea and relaxing lagoons that surely attract the viewers’ attention and at the same time give them excitement.

Real estate developer El Shahawi Properties has kept their ongoing OOH strategy by upgrading their outdoor campaign to reinforce Pali, referring to it as The Hawaiian Cliff. Inertia presents Jefaira Beach Town and offers their current residences and future ones the “True coastal living”. Travco Properties invites viewers to the mesmerizing Almaza Bay, and calls it “Amazing Almaza”. Leading real estate developer Mountain View shifts their focus from Paros to present the upcoming launch of their latest vacation project “The beating heart of Ras El Hikma”, Rhodes Island. GV Group gets you ready for a “Match made in heaven” in their first vacation project White Sand that appeared as the summer began; seizing the perfect moment to use seasonal marketing strategy. Madaar Development advertises for Azha in Ain Sokhna to announce that they brought the most exciting and exclusive beach club, Club M. El Tawfikia for Construction and Development is expanding with their vacation projects, now reinforcing Vista Marina III. Emtelak for Real Estate Developments promotes their Garawla Islands and shows off their waterpark to attract friends and families to their project. Cairo Global Construction takes its witty ad for Retan to the road of the North Coast, with their mascot “rubber duck” that reveals “Berbro’a and the Berbere’ are waiting for you in Sahel”. Another leading real estate developer was spotted; Maxim Developments has been promoting for its vacation project Bo Islands since the summer began; showing off with its modern units and reminding us with their slogan as well as the units’ special feature “Waterfront homes”.

The previous brands have used seasonal marketing strategy, they all have something common in their visuals; they attract viewers with shots of the clear water, lagoons or waterparks. Other brands also took advantage of this season while using different marketing approaches.

Leading real estate developer Tatweer Misr has appeared with a branding campaign to promote its different projects such as Bloomfields, Fouka Bay and Il Monte Galala; strengthening the brand’s positioning with an ad copy that says “The power of construction”. Parallel to it, another campaign just for Fouka Bay using brand-lover marketing approach because what better way to give your clients a sense of belonging while also generating strong feelings of love to them; with an ad copy that states “Welcome Homeowners”. Amer Group has launched an OOH campaign to advertise “The biggest Fortnite competition this summer!” which will be held in Golf Porto Marina, using an Event marketing tactic to attract the youngsters and the gamers to attend this exciting competition. Starlight Developments launched a teaser campaign with an ad copy that announces “Something bright is about to shine” on a mesmerizing starry night sky. Al Jazi Gardens takes it to the roads of North Coast to leave their mark on the travelers with an alliance marketing strategy through the ad copy “JW Marriott residences” also announcing that it is “The first branded residences”. Rituals Village’s branding OOH campaign is all about cult-tural marketing, addressing and targeting certain audiences while also gaining a steady brand positioning in the market.

Food & Beverages

Major Corporates are always looking forward to raising their sales in order to grow and survive. It is easier to do so in Egypt as we have a huge number of consumers. Coca-Cola has taken the perfect opportunity to drive more sales with a mass-marketing strategy, advising viewers to “Stick to Coca-Cola’s bottle this summer”. LAMAR has finally returned to the OOH scene with a bigger media plan this time that starts in Cairo and all the way to the North Coast; they returned to present their newest juice flavor “Cranberry”. Juhayna has also taken their outdoor campaign to the North Coast to remind you to always be hydrated and “Refresh” your day with their multi flavors. 

Other Industries

Bugs and mosquitos appear during the summer season; therefore Raid has launched an OOH campaign to protect you from them and offers you “A power that can protect you”. First Abu Dhabi Bank has taken a marketing approach that is one of a kind in the Egyptian market; they appeared on the roads with a Cause Marketing strategy to light up the highway for travelers at night. The ad copy is written on a white background and it explains the reason behind the campaign “This ad is not just an ad”, “We designed this ad to light up your route at night”. Export Developments Bank of Egypt (EBE) was seen with a seasonal marketing strategy, reassuring their clients “With EBE, don’t worry about your vacation” with a hashtag written in Arabic "#احنا_موجودين" which translates to “We are here”. Leading consumer electronics and mobile communications brand OPPO has upgraded their OOH campaign to introduce their latest device OPPO Reno; aiming to bring awareness to the latest device and the benefits that this product offers, the device’s stunning specs are found at the bottom space. Orascom Developments has brought the party to Egypt by bringing Jennifer Lopez to the stages of New Alamein; using an Event marketing strategy to draw more people to this special concert. Most of the previous brand have used Seasonal marketing approach, in order to appear for the summer; the following brands have also used it but for a different season, which it the upcoming school year. Global Academic Foundation has appeared on the roads to announce the arrival of the University of Hertfordshire in New Administrative Capital. Lastly, the Universities of Canada in Egypt were also seen seizing the moment before the beginning of the school year to give high-school graduates the opportunity to study at the University of Prince Edward Island and to experience an unforgettable educational journey in their preferable field of study. 

Stay tuned as we bring more North Coast campaigns to you in case you have not hit that road during summer; we are seeking to keep you updated with all the OOH campaigns on the roads as well as enriching you with the different marketing tactics that the brands are using. The first recap covered the first half of July, this one was about the second half and regarding our next recap, it will cover the first half of August.

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