Following their campaign for Doritos in July, PepsiCo Egypt has appeared every single month since the beginning of the year to promote its signed brands; now launching an OOH campaign to promote their purified bottled water Aquafina, they use a celebrity endorsement marketing strategy to reinforce it with Dorra Zarrouk as brand ambassador.

The displayed visuals use a black background to be the showcase for the bottled water, the Tunisian actress standing confidently in a white dress, and pure water floating around her. The ad copy can easily be seen because of the huge fonts they used, bringing their slogan to the billboards of Cairo “Guaranteed purity” also a message to viewers to strengthen the brand’s value “International quality water” and the logo of the brand is seen right on top of the ad copies. 

Spotted during the third week of August, the campaign uses uni-poles and double-decker poles in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Aquafina guarantees purity with Dorra Zarrouk-00
Aquafina guarantees purity with Dorra Zarrouk-00

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