The billboards of Cairo have been going through a decline during July, with 68% of OOH occupation and 32% available signs of 196 different campaigns, including 116 running campaigns on the roads and 80 brand new ones.
As for our industries tracking; real estate is on the top again with 39%, the same share they achieved in June, and because the summertime is all about outings; the telecommunication industry launches lots of promotional campaigns to make your outings go live with various offers for the internet bundles, while the Education industry bloomed with the back-to-school season coming up in days.
Every month, we track, monitor and analyze all the new brands in the outdoor advertising market; the billboards of Cairo welcome White Sand as their very first out-of-home campaign was launched in July.
Now you can check our infograph to know the business category marketshare of all the industries out there and the Top 20 campaigns ranking!

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Industry: Marketing & Advertising


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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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