Inertia thrills on the billboards of Cairo with an out-of-home campaign for Jefaira in North Coast, just in time for the summer, after a year of disappearance from the OOH scene since their last campaign.

Getting back to the outdoor market requires choosing the right time, the right tactic and finally the right visuals. The elegance and uniqueness of the vacation project are reflected on the billboards, splitting the visuals symmetrically between the sand and the sea with a beautiful bird-eye shot and a boat on the side of the sea to add more fun to the visuals.  Other visuals use the same design concept with different colors with the blue as the main color and next to it lies a secondary color such as red and navy blue.The ad copy invites everyone to the “True coastal living” and “Jefaira Beach Town” on the top, while the bottom space includes their hotline and the developer’s logo.

The campaign was launched during the first week of August, on uni-poles, mega-signs and billboards in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Inertia invites you to the “True coastal living” in Jefaira-00
Inertia invites you to the “True coastal living” in Jefaira-00

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