Following their cross-promotion campaign with 7up in June, leading foodservice mobile app Otlob has finally returned to the OOH scene with an outdoor branding and cross-promotion campaign, focusing on inbound marketing in order to draw more customers to download the mobile app with an exciting discount from McDonald’s to new users.

To keep and preserve the brand’s identity, the displayed visuals use their branded yellow color in the background to be the showcase of a mouth-watery meal from McDonald’s, showing all its delicious components to attract viewers’ attention. Parallel to it, the visuals feature a delivery guy on his scooter with the same yellow backgrounds. As for the ad copy, it states “An offer that you cannot miss” and “50 pounds off your first order... Only from Otlob”, then it finally shows the code to viewers. The bottom space is booked for the logos of both McDonald’s and Otlob, right next to them a hand holding a phone with the mobile app appearing in the screen.

The campaign surfaced on the billboards of Cairo during the first week of August, using uni-poles and double-decker poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Otlob is finally back with a thrilling offer to new users-00
Otlob is finally back with a thrilling offer to new users-00

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