After promoting the Domty sandwich in November 2018, Egyptian dairy producer Domty has returned with a new OOH campaign to promote their Feta Classic Cheese and their Feta Plus Cheese with their different flavors.  

Slicing the billboard into two parts, the visuals use the blue color in a partition and the other part is in the navy blue color, with the different packaging sizes of both Feta Classic Cheese and Feta Plus Cheese; and ad copy that advises users to go for the Feta Classic Cheese “If you want it local”, and to go for the Feta Plus Cheese “If you want it extra milky”. The logo of the brand appear in the center of the ad, and the bottom space is booked for another copy “Taste them, and tell us what do you think”, with their social media accounts and website URL.

The campaign was spotted during the third week of August, using uni-poles and billboards in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Domty is asking for your opinion about their cheese-00
Domty is asking for your opinion about their cheese-00

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