The OOH market does not sleep or rest, neither Vodafone does; multinational telecom operator Vodafone is always up there on the billboards of Cairo, now launching an OOH campaign for the summer and featuring two brand ambassadors, Egyptian singers Esseily and Mostafa Hagag.

Our eyes got used to seeing their branded color on the roads of Cairo each and every month; the visuals use the red color in the background to be the showcase for both singers, and behind them appear a bunch of inflatables, jellyfishes and different emojis. The ad copy stresses on and reassures viewers that “The internet does not run out this summer” with a special code for their clients to dial to get their gifts and offers that they cannot miss. The brand’s tagline appears at the bottom “The future is exciting. Ready?” along with their logo right under it.

The campaign was seen during the third week of August, on uni-poles, billboards and flags in multiple locations across our beloved Greater Cairo.

Vodafone offers endless internet with Esseily and Hagag-00
Vodafone offers endless internet with Esseily and Hagag-00

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