Samsung Egypt continues with their on fire OOH strategy to reinforce Samsung Galaxy A80  and Samsung Galaxy A70, this time unveiling Amir Eid’s face, the brand ambassador since their last campaign that introduced the same mobile device last month.

Using the tactic of including a youthful representative to target youngsters; Samsung thrills with a celebrity branding strategy; including Cairokee band lead singer Amir Eid in the visuals, holding the newly launched mobile device with live shots of the sea as a background to spread summer vibes, while the devices stand there on the right side, dazzling with different colors. In addition, another visual with them taking a selfie with a group of friends on the beach. Regarding the ad copy, it includes the same slogan as their latest campaign, stating “It can go like this” and “It can go like that” referring to its triple camera that can slide and rotate during video shots.

The campaign started to spread on the roads during the first week of August, using uni-poles and double-decker poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Samsung reinforces Galaxy A80 | A70 with Amir Eid-00
Samsung reinforces Galaxy A80 | A70 with Amir Eid-00

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