The North Coast has become one of the busiest destinations that attract the OOH advertiser’s to make sure that their ads get the right exposure needed and their brands shine in the right place; Al Sahel and at the right time; the summertime. 

Each advertiser is fighting over the holidaymakers’ attention while passing by the billboards that showcase their ads, trying to get their undivided attention with refreshing designs on the roads. We deliver to you the very first edition of an upcoming sequel of four recaps, introducing the advertisers who spent their money wisely, going big on the roads of Al Sahel, using all the tricks in their pocket to impress you during the first half of July.

Real Estate industry has been conquering the OOH market for a long time, offering residential projects, commercial projects, vacation projects and mixed-use project to seize the summer to offer a get away for those who are thriving for a vacation and a new home for those who are planning to marry during the summertime. 

Vacation Projects 

Leading vacation projects have been thrilling in the North Coast, seizing the moment by appearing in the best spots for the summer, focusing on their target audiences in order to have the best OOH experience with visuals that include the sea, the calmness and most importantly their brand identity.

Al Ahly Sabbour keeps a steady OOH strategy as someone that has been on the roads long enough to develop a solid one, launching three different campaigns to be parallel to each other on the roads of the North Coast; putting you in the “State of mind” you have always been  longing for in Amwaj, leaving everybody speechless with GAIA in a summertime collage displayed in their OOH campaign that will make you want to travel to the North Coast right away, finally offering you a place where you can “Shop. Dine. Play” in Rivette, using a marble-watercolor design to reflect fun and luxury at the same time. Maxim Developments doubled the fun with their ongoing strategy, showing how they “Speak real” in Bo Islands Sidi Abdelrahman, competing against the other brands with “Islands, waterfront homes”, “Sands, the lagoons life”, “Med, the Mediterranean life” and “The hub”.

As their mission is to elevate and to be great; La Vista Developments will become one of your favorite destinations, introducing La Vista Ras El Hekma, using a refreshing design that fits the summertime, while in New Alamein, City Edge Developments gives you the privilege of owning one of “The first villas in New Alamein” in Mazarine, showing  in the visuals 3D shots of their beautiful lagoons. You can also enjoy the “Hawaiian Cliff” in Pali, brought to you by El Shahawi Properties that is taking advantage of the season to thrill with special offers for the summer lovers. Since we are not all the same when it comes to vacationing; The Water Way offers an opportunity for the ones who want to just sit in front of the beach in calm, “For those who need their space”, advertised by real estate developer Equity. Teasing with an OOH campaign in June, unveiling it afterward in Sidi Heneish; Pact for Development bring us White Bay with special visuals to portray the 2019 beaches’ trend; the flamingo float and a “Stress-free” vacation on an OOH campaign. And in case you want to “Find your balance” Zoya Ghazala Bay is the place for you, reflecting the calmness and relaxation you will experience there while prime real estate developer Palm Hills Developments has just arrived at the North Coast’s billboards to bring back their vacation project Lake Yard in Hacienda Bay. Bringing back “The Sahel we love”, “The Sahel we miss” and “The Sahel we remember”; SODIC freshens the billboards with MALAAZ’s life-shots of the sea and the beach on a creative OOH campaign, in addition, Seashell North Coast presents the new hotel in the North Coast, The Hotel G on an outdoor campaign to make your 2019’s summer fresher. “Rise luxuriously” with City Edge Development’s project The Gate with a sky blue background with a 3D model of the vacation project.

Residential Projects

Hyde Park Developments provides “Limitless opportunity” with special offers for their current and potential customers on an OOH campaign, using blue & golden monochromatic color schemes to reflect the project’s sophistication nature. Mountain View’s leading  vacation projectParos dazzles on an outdoor campaign to offer “Limited waterfront units” with a relaxing background of a real night shot from the project itself. Meanwhile, The Axisresidential project by Iwan Developments splits the billboards in half, using an abstract design with a glimpse of elegance to announce “New phase… A mile after a magnificent mile” in West Cairo.

Other Industries 

Cleaning product Ariel appears on the North Coast’s billboards with their recognizable brand identity; the green branded background, promising you that “Both white clothes and colored-ones” will be “Clean as new” but “If no one takes you into account, EALB will make you an account” since The Egyptian Arab Land Bank  (EALB) appears for the first time on the billboards to “Innovate >> Change”. OPPO Electronics Corp took the OOH scene as the platform to announce OPPO F11 Pro release with an outdoor campaign, “Rising for the goal” to announce that they are one of the official sponsors of the AFCON 2019, on a navy blue background mixed with the championship’s vibes. With the automotive industry joining the North Coast OOH scene; car dealer Kayan Egypt launched an out-of-home campaign to bring back their mid-size crossover SUV Škoda Kodiaq one more time. Egypt Foods gets on the track with their potato chips leading brand Tiger with a creative special production that “Went out of control” on an OOH campaign that pleased all the public viewers with its die cuts as one of the official sponsors of the AFCON 2019 championship. Since summer means entertainment and having fun; Plan B Events organized the great come back of the Greek singer, composer, songwriter and off course music legend Yanni to the billboards of the North Coast of Egypt, with Mountain View as their official partner and ticketsmarche as the tickets provider for the live concert, performed at “Mountain View North Coast, Egypt” as part of his 2019’s world tour. El Ezaby Pharmacies are “Your partners for a better life”, ensuring that you will enjoy your vacation without damaging your skin with their offered summer products with an awareness campaign.

 Opel by Al Mansour Automotive is showing off on the billboards of Cairo with “Offers powered by 120 years of experience”, displaying different models of cars such as Opel Insignia and others that all prefer Shell Helix as their car oil. Housing and Development Bank (HD Bank) appeared on the outdoor scene with a branding OOH campaign to inform people that they Spent“40 years dreaming and achieving”. makes your summer trendy with lots of fashion brands on a promotional OOH campaign to show his cross-promotion partners on the billboards. To support our national team during the AFCON 2019 and as “The sponsor of every Egyptian supporter”; Coca-Cola launched an outdoor campaign to insist that “No matter how different we appear, we will unify our cheers”. Last but not least, Ministry of Health and Population launches an outdoor campaign to build up to their ongoing outdoor strategy for their healthcare initiative since 2018; 100 Million Healthy Lives, this time intending to enhance your lifestyle because “Our health lies in our lifestyle”.

All these campaigns have used different OOH strategies to capture your attention, deliver a message, get you aware of what they're offering and above all achieve their objectives and goals. Stay tuned as we will continue you to inform you with the brands that appeared on the billboards during different times of the summer with our recaps sequel that will turn into a full OOH Market Insights Overview that combines all the summer campaigns launched in the North Coast.

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