The billboards of Cairo celebrates the legendary come back of the movie star Ahmed Helmy, announcing the release of his brand new movie Khyaal Ma’ata, hoping to be Eid al-Adha’s number one movie in the Egyptian box office, brought to you by United Bros. Studios that launched El Kenz’s OOH campaign earlier this month.

The superstar is known for choosing complicated roles, embracing black comedy and localizing western movies; the visuals easily reflect this blend of talent and sophistication with him and his co-star Menna Shalaby who represents the female lead in the movie, standing on a black background in thief clothes with the same color and behind them what seems to be an inside of a bank, referring to a bank robbery happening on the billboards, while the whole visual splits over a double-decker. ِAnother visual shows the stars of the movie Hassan Hosney, Khalid El Sawy, Bayoumi Fouad, in addition to Helmy as an old man as he will perform two different characters, setting there with the co-stars around him . 

The campaign popped during the second week of August and can be seen on uni-poles and double-decker poles in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Ahmed Helmy is finally back to the billboards with Khyaal Ma’ata-00
Ahmed Helmy is finally back to the billboards with Khyaal Ma’ata-00

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