Promising real estate developer GV Developments started off with an energetic OOH strategy, upgrading their July’s outdoor campaign for their first project White Sand in the heart of the North Coast, just in time for summer.

Targeting every personality out there, GV Developments is loud when it comes to showing their brand identity through the visuals, portraying young ladies that represent different zodiac signs such as “Gemini” which reflects moodiness with a girl that has two sides; a right side that has black lipstick on with her hair down and another side, showing calmness with her hair tied to prove that White Sand is for “The variety seekers”. Another visual portrays the energetic “Aries” showing a blonde with horns on her head to complete her zodiac’s look, adding an ad copy that says “For the adventures seekers”, in addition to another visual with their logo engraved on sand and the middle part changed to “Matching zone and personalities”. All visuals announce “5% down payment” and “8 years installments”, also it includes the advertiser’s and brand’s logo next to their tagline “Match made in heaven”.

The campaign was upgraded during the last week of July, using mega-signs and uni-poles in various locations across Greater Cairo and North Coast.

Moody or adventurous? White Sand matches all personalities-00
Moody or adventurous? White Sand matches all personalities-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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