Back to the OOH scene to fill your wardrobe; trendy footwear brand Shoeroom dazzles with an outdoor campaign for summer 2019, after 8 months since their last campaign for the winter collection.

Using in the ad a bright background to reflect simplicity and trendiness, the visuals are calming to the eyes, yet edgy and eye-catchy, showing flowers on one side and revealing some of their brand new collection on the other to give you a hint on what’s trendy for 2019. As for the ad copy, it baldly says “Walk with confidence”, while the bottom space is reserved for their social media links as a call-to-action for their customers to go check for any further information needed. Another visual with the same background only includes the elegant brand’s name “Shoeroom” in a huge black font to attract your attention on the roads.

Appeared on the billboard during the last week of July, the campaign can be seen on double-decker poles, uni-poles, billboards and wallscapes in various locations across Greater Cairo.

“Walk with confidence” with Shoeroom’s summer collection-00
“Walk with confidence” with Shoeroom’s summer collection-00

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